Our Mission

At Rao Equity Holdings our mission is clear:
We dream and develop innovative, revolutionary industry solutions for a cleaner, better, and more sustainable future. Our technological backbone, engineering mindset and ecological vision position our company at the forefront of strategic energy and resource management, as we build a better future from the ground up.

Sustainability Efforts

We care deeply about the world around us, which fuels our desire to pursue ROI-based environmental sustainability projects.

We are currently exploring opportunities to acquire unused land for the purposes of carbon sequestration. Contact our team today

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Oso Electric Equipment

Oso's mission is to Electrify Your World by converting small to medium gas-powered equipment into electric equipment.

We are focused on equipment that has surprisingly large greenhouse gas emission footprints. One of the biggest polluters in this category is commercial lawn equipment like mowers and blowers.

Electrify Your World with
Oso Electric Equipment

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Contact our team today to learn more about our efforts to minimize carbon impact through innovative technologies, and explore how we are repurposing unused land for carbon sequestration.